Indoor Shooting Range

We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the range. We are proud to announce The Buffalo Trading Company’s Indoor Shooting Range is NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Stop in and check it out!

The Buffalo Trading Company is a 16,000 sq.ft. indoor facility with a 7 position 50 foot pistol range. The Range has been carefully designed with your safety and comfort as top priorities. We have a state-of-the-art ventilation system designed to filter smoke and airborne particulates associated with target shooting away from shooters while providing fresh, clean air to the range. The side-walls and backstop are approved to stop handgun rounds and trap them well away from the firing positions. As for your comfort; you will never need to step beyond the firing line again to change your target. With our target retraction system at the push of a button your target will return to you.

Everyone is welcome at our range, from first time shooters to experienced shooters. With firearm and accessories rental, you can come with nothing and we will outfit you for your time at the range.

Ladies Night

Every third Wednesday of the month
February 20th
March 20th
April 17th
Ladies Price- $15.00 per half hour! *Usually $20*

Range Rates

Lane Rental: $20/half hour per lane. (Maximum of 2 people per lane)
Protection: Ear Muff and Glasses Rental $2.00
Gun Rental: $5.00 per gun (range guns must use ammo purchased at The Buffalo Trading Company)
Targets: $1.00 -$25.00
Group Rate: Please call for group rates.

Gun Rental

Looking to buy your first firearm or wanting to add to your collection? Take a look at our selection of rental guns. The rental guns offered are periodically changed and some may be pulled out of circulation for maintenance and may not be available. Below is the current list of rental guns at The Buffalo Trading Company.

Brand and Model                                                 Caliber

Smith & Wesson                   642                                                      38 Spl.   
                                          SW9VE                                                  9 mm   _
                                          66-2                                                     357 Mag. 
                                          Bodyguard 38 Spl.                                 38 Spl. _
                                          M&P 40                                                 40 Cal.    
                                          M&P 45                                                 45 ACP _
                                          M&P 9                                                   9 mm  _
                                          637 CSA                                               38 Spl. 
                                          22A                                                      22 LR
Beretta                               PX4 Storm                                             9mm    _
                                          Nano                                                    9mm   _ 
Kahr Arms                           CW 45                                                  45 ACP _  
                                          CM 9                                                    9mm    _ 
                                          CW 40                                                  40 S&W  
                                          P380                                                    380 ACP
Springfield Armory               XDM                                                     45 ACP _
                                          XDM                                                     40 S&W_
                                          XDM                                                     9mm   _
                                          1911                                                     45 ACP  
Glock                                  17 GEN 4                                               9mm     
                                          19 GEN 4                                               9mm      
                                          26 GEN 4                                               9mm      
                                          17                                                         9mm     
                                          21                                                         45 ACP  
SCCY                                 CPX2                                                      9mm     
Walther                               P22                                                        22 LR     
                                          SP22                                                      22 LR
Ruger                                 10-22                                                     22 LR
                                          SR22-CT                                                22 LR
German Sports Gun             GSG1911                                                22 LR
Sig Sauer                            Mosquito                                                22 LR
Heritage Arms                      Rough Rider                                           22 LR

The Buffalo Trading Company Range Rules

  1. I have read, signed, and thoroughly understand, the “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK, RELEASE & INDEMNITY AGREEMENT”
  2. All firearms entering or leaving the range must be unloaded and in case.  The only instance a firearm shall be loaded is when shooting down the firing lane.  No person shall leave their assigned firing lane with a loaded firearm.
  3. Any shooter must be 21 years of age or older unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. Only one loaded firearm permitted at one time.  If multiple firearms are brought in or rented always keep unused firearms unloaded until ready to use.
  5. No armor piercing tracer, or incendiary rounds permitted on the range.
  6. Firearms, safety equipment, ammunition, and targets are subject to inspection and exclusion by any employee of The Buffalo Trading Company at any time.
  7. Always point firearms in safe direction down range.  This includes when firing, reloading, or resting between shots.  When firearm is placed at a rest, be sure firearm is unloaded and placed so that the range officer and other customers can observe that the gun is unloaded. 
  8. Always keep finger off of the trigger or the firearm until ready to shoot at target.
  9. Eye and ear protection is required; hat and button-up shirt is encouraged.
  10. Only aim at your own downrange target.  Firing at other customers targets, as well as the walls and ceiling is prohibited.
  11. Spent casings or brass that has come in contact with the floor shall not be picked back up.  Please sweep casings toward the range.
  12. Be mindful of where you place your equipment.  Place shooting bags and other equipment out of the way of other patrons so that they do not have to be walked around.  As well, never touch any other’s equipment without prior permission.
  13. When a “Cease Fire” is called, immediately take finger off the trigger, bring firearm down still pointing down range, and rest elbows on your ribcage.  Wait for further instruction by the range officer.
  14. Anyone may call a cease fire at any time when they feel an unsafe or uncomfortable situation is occurring.
  15. Everyone is a Safety Officer.  Be sure to report any rules violations to any employee of The Buffalo Trading Company immediately.
  16. If there are ever any questions, either regarding the range rules, or the use of a firearm that you are unfamiliar with, be sure to ask an employee of The Buffalo Trading Company for Assistance.

All shooters are expected to know, adhere to and help enforce The Buffalo Trading Company’s Range Rules. If you observe a violation of the Range Rules, please bring it to the attention of any staff member and we will take corrective action. It is our goal to maintain a safe environment for the enjoyment of our customers. The Buffalo Trading Company Personnel reserve the right to deny service to anyone at any time for any reason.