Shooting Range

General Information

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm
Friday & Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm

Hearing & Eye Protection Required. Handguns (17HMR - 500 S&W) or 22 L.R. Long Gun only. Offering Monday (Ladies) and Wednesday (Open) Leagues. Call for more information. All shooters shall review and sign the Rules of Range and Indemnification forms. New Shooters shall watch the movie "Introduction to Range Safety" (shown below).

Range Rates
Range/Lane (2 People Per): $15 half hour, $20 hour
Gun Rental: $5
Ear/Eye Protection Rental: $2
Targets: $1 and up
Ammunition: Dependent on Caliber
Reserve Range for Hour $100
For Group Rates Call: (419) 423-4867

Courses Offered

Our certified instructors offer concealed carry classes at our location. Click below to learn more.

Concealed Carry - Safety, Security and Law

Rental Guns

Brand Make Type Caliber Brand Make Type Caliber
Browning Buckmark Semi-Auto 22 LR Springfield 1911 Semi-Auto .45 ACP
GSG 1911 Semi-Auto 22 LR Springfield XDM 45 5.25" Semi-Auto .45 ACP
Ruger 10/22 Rifle Semi-Auto 22 LR Springfield XDS 45 Semi-Auto .45 ACP
Ruger 22/45 Semi-Auto 22 LR Taylor & Co. 1873 Revolver .44 Mag.
Ruger Bearcat Revolver 22 LR Beretta M92FS Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger SR22 Semi-Auto 22 L.R. Glock 17 G4 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W M&P C Semi-Auto 22 LR Glock 19 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger LCR Revolver .327 Mag. Glock 26 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Bersa Thunder Semi-Auto .380 ACP Glock 43 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Glock 42 Semi-Auto .380 ACP H&K VP9 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger LC380 Semi-Auto .380 ACP Ruger LC9S Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger LCP II Semi-Auto .380 ACP Ruger SR9 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W Bodyguard Semi-Auto .380 ACP SCCY CPX II Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W Shield 380 Semi-Auto .380 ACP Sig Sauer 938 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W 637 Revolver .38 Special Sig Sauer 320 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W 642 Revolver .38 Special S&W M&P 9 2.0 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W Bodyguard Revolver .38 Special S&W M&P 9C Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Coonan 1911 Semi-Auto .357 Mag. S&W Shield 9 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Pietta Rough Rider Revolver .357 Mag. S&W SD9VE Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W 66 Revolver .357 Mag. Springfield XDM 9 4.5" Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger Blackhawk Revolver .44 Mag. Springfield XDM 9 3.8" Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ithaca 1911 Semi-Auto .45 ACP Springfield XDS 9  Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Glock 21 Semi-Auto .45 ACP Taurus  PT 111 G2  Semi-Auto 9mm Luger 
S&W M&P 45 C Semi-Auto .45 ACP Taurus 709 Slim   Semi-Auto 9mm Luger 
S&W Shield 45 Semi-Auto .45 ACP Walther CCP   Semi-Auto 9mm Luger