Shooting Range

General Information

Monday-Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm

Hearing & Eye Protection Required. Handgun calibers only(17HMR - 500 S&W).  All shooters shall review and sign the Rules of Range and Indemnification forms. New Shooters shall watch the movie "Introduction to Range Safety" (shown below).

Range Rates
Range/Lane (2 People Per): $15 half hour, $20 hour
Gun Rental: $5
Ear/Eye Protection Rental: $2
Targets: $1 and up
Ammunition: Dependent on Caliber
Reserve Range for Hour $100
For Group Rates Call: (419) 423-4867

Courses Offered

Our certified instructors offer concealed carry classes at our location. Click below to learn more.

Concealed Carry - Safety, Security and Law

Rental Guns

Brand Make Type Caliber Brand Make Type Caliber
Browning Buckmark Semi-Auto 22 LR Springfield 1911 Semi-Auto .45 ACP
GSG 1911 Semi-Auto 22 LR Springfield XDM 45 5.25" Semi-Auto .45 ACP
Ruger 10/22 Rifle Semi-Auto 22 LR Springfield XDS 45 Semi-Auto .45 ACP
Ruger 22/45 Semi-Auto 22 LR Taylor & Co. 1873 Revolver .44 Mag.
Ruger Bearcat Revolver 22 LR Beretta M92FS Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger SR22 Semi-Auto 22 L.R. Glock 17 G4 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W M&P C Semi-Auto 22 LR Glock 19 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger LCR Revolver .327 Mag. Glock 26 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Bersa Thunder Semi-Auto .380 ACP Glock 43 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Glock 42 Semi-Auto .380 ACP H&K VP9 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger LC380 Semi-Auto .380 ACP Ruger LC9S Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger LCP II Semi-Auto .380 ACP Ruger SR9 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W Bodyguard Semi-Auto .380 ACP SCCY CPX II Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W Shield 380 Semi-Auto .380 ACP Sig Sauer 938 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W 637 Revolver .38 Special Sig Sauer 320 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W 642 Revolver .38 Special S&W M&P 9 2.0 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W Bodyguard Revolver .38 Special S&W M&P 9C Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W Shield 9 Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Pietta Rough Rider Revolver .357 Mag. S&W SD9VE Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
S&W 66 Revolver .357 Mag. Springfield XDM 9 4.5" Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ruger Blackhawk Revolver .44 Mag. Springfield XDM 9 3.8" Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Ithaca 1911 Semi-Auto .45 ACP Springfield XDS 9  Semi-Auto 9mm Luger
Glock 21 Semi-Auto .45 ACP Taurus  PT 111 G2  Semi-Auto 9mm Luger 
S&W M&P 45 C Semi-Auto .45 ACP Taurus 709 Slim   Semi-Auto 9mm Luger 
S&W Shield 45 Semi-Auto .45 ACP Walther CCP   Semi-Auto 9mm Luger