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  • $288.00

If you're up for it, you can depend on this rugged evolution of the original Handi-Rifle; to nail the shot.Fear no harsh environments or extreme weather conditions - their super-tough, high-density polymer stocks and fore-ends will persevere and help you make a deadly accurate shot through it all. And their smooth, simple break actions require very little maintenance and have minimal moving parts for the utmost in reliable function. For added versatility, these rifles can be factory fitted with your choice of accessory rifle and shotgun barrels. All models are equipped with the Transfer Bar System that makes ours one of the safest single-shot rifle platforms in the world today. There is a broad selection of hard-hitting calibers from the flat-shooting 223 Remington all the way up to two crushing big bores, the 45-70 Gov't. and 444 Marlin. Rough handling, wicked weather and any game animal in North America. The Synthetic Handi-Rifle® can handle it all.