Concealed Carry Classes

Safety, Security and Law

No experience necessary! We Supply NRA Certified Instructors!



CCW Class Schedule
January: 13th & 14th
February: 10th & 11th
March: 10th & 11th
April: 14th & 15th
May: 12th & 13th
June: 16th & 17th
July: 21st & 22nd
August: 18th & 19th
September: 15th & 16th
October: 20th & 21st
November: 17th & 18th
December: 15th & 16th

Two day classes are offered on the second weekend of every month. Beginning in June 2018 this will be switched to the third weekend of every month. Subject to change.

  • Saturday 10am to 5:30pm
  • Sunday 12pm to 6pm


$125.00 per student

Students Shall Supply

  • Saturday Class
    • Identification
    • Firearm
  • Sunday Class
    • Firearm
    • 100 rounds of ammunition (no live ammo in classroom)
    • Cleaning Kit

General Information

  • Students shall be pre-registered
  • Please park your vehicle at the west end of the building
  • Breaks will be provided
  • Smoking permitted outside of building
  • Restrooms available
  • Drinks and snacks permitted in classroom

For more information please contact Scott Rose (Certified NRA Instructor) by phone at 419-423-GUNS or email at