Concealed Carry Classes

Safety, Security and Law

No experience necessary! We Supply NRA Certified Instructors!



CCW Class Schedule
January: 18th & 19th
February: 15th & 16th
March: 21st & 22nd
April: 18th & 19th
July: 18th & 19th
August: 15th & 16th
September: 19th & 20th
October: 17th & 18th
November: 21st & 22nd
December: 19th & 20th

Two day classes are offered on the third weekend of every month. Subject to change.

  • Saturday 10am to 5:30pm
  • Sunday 12pm to 6pm


$125.00 per student

Students Shall Supply

  • Saturday Class
    • Identification
    • Firearm
  • Sunday Class
    • Firearm
    • 100 rounds of ammunition (no live ammo in classroom)
    • Cleaning Kit

General Information

  • Students shall be pre-registered
  • Please park your vehicle at the west end of the building
  • Breaks will be provided
  • Smoking permitted outside of building
  • Restrooms available
  • Drinks and snacks permitted in classroom

For more information please contact Scott Rose (Certified NRA Instructor) by phone at 419-423-GUNS or email at