Springfield M1 Garand Trophy

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Springfield Armory M1 Garand TROPHY rifle 24" barrel with barrel chambered to 7.62x51mm NATO by Springfield Armory and contracted to the Naval armors in Crane Indiana and presented to the winning high power shooter at the National Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio each year. The barrel is stamped 7.62 MM SA11010457 (1965 drawing date) SPL 9 65 MD 50, the trigger housing is all Springfield parts and the stock is stamped 7659 where the action seats into it and there is H over 354 on the bottom of the pistol grip, the op rod is marked NM, there is a series of numbers done with an electric pencil on various parts: Bolt assembly 4433 (last four digets of the srial number,) trigger floor plate 590 and 4936, rear trigger housing on the right side 681 which could be inspection marks. The wood has some fiddle back graining but shows a lot of handling marrs.